Our main task is to educate and help our community to look at food and it sources with a different perspective.  We believe on fresh  products.

Categories of Our products as follows;

- Fresh soil grown greens such as Sunflower Greens, Pea Greens, Wheat Family Grass, Bean Family Greens, Small Bean Greens, Lentil Greens, Exotic Seed Greens These greens are as fresh as possible and have multiple times more enzymes and antioxidants than plain seeds.   These greens last long if you have a green thumb and you know your plants.  If you do not have green thumb, or you do not have enough time in your daily activities, you may purchase these fresh greens, and take home and treat them as high nutrient fresh vegetables, you may cut, wash, and store them inside of your refrigerator and drop the roots on your compost pile.  You may wash these greens with roots for stir-fry or other kinds of meals.  If you store the greens in plastic bags cut the corner for air.  If you have a green thumb you may extend life of these greens up to several weeka.   These greens like semi-sunny fixed spots with daily showers of water.  The best place for them is your kitchen countertop.  It will help if you change one of the your countertop lights to a grow light and place these greens under that light.  These greens like a daily shower which you can use your kitchen sink sprayer to wash them daily.  Remember the roots of these greens do not like to soak in the water.  Try to empty the tray after the shower.   In this condition you may always cut greens as needed, wash and use them.

- Fresh sprouting seeds, small and large beans, wheat seeds, and nuts.  Most of our customers ask us what is the difference between sprouting seeds, beans wheat and nuts and regular beans, wheat, and nuts?  Sprouting seeds beans wheat and nuts are the freshest seeds you can find with a very high germination rate without any chemical treatment.  Regular grocery seeds can be 10 days old or 10 years old.  You can use sprouting seeds, beans wheat and nuts for sprouting, sprouting greens and cooking.  But you should not use regular beans, wheat, and nuts for spouting.  In most cases regular seeds, beans wheat and nuts germination rate is low or none and you do not get good results

- Jar tray, and EZ sprouting methods.  If you want to grow your own sprouts, greens, and soaked nuts you may use any of these methods.  Jar methods are for a people with the free time every 6 to 8 hours.  You may use sanitized mason gars because room temperature, water condition, seed condition, and materials are different.  It is better if you read a book before doing it yourself in jars.  For the tray method you need good sprouting seeds, wheat and beans.  Soak seeds, wheat, beans for around 12 hours in cold water.  Purchase trays with small holes fill ¼ inch sanitized soil.  Scatter ¼ inch soaked seeds, beans, and wheat. Give them a daily shower and don’t let them sit in water.
EZsprout is an easy method of sprouting for working people who want to have exotic fresh sprout with least amount of work 30 seconds. The EZ sprouting method works with beans, Wheat, and nuts.  Purchase organic sprouting beans and nuts, wash and soak nuts wheat, and beans in cold water in room temperature 6 hours for nuts and 12 hours for beans and wheat.   After that time wash and strain nuts wheat, and beans.  Put soaked nuts wheat, or beans inside of strainer inside of refrigerator.     Soaked nuts are ready after 1 day.  Soaked wheat is ready in 3 days and soaked beans are ready after one week.  Soaked nuts, beans and wheat are very easy to digest and have a lot of enzymes and antioxidants.   You may use soaked nuts as raw snacks, or use it with your smoothie or desserts.  Soaked wheat you may use as cereal, smoothie or bread.  Soaked beans you may eat raw or add to salads or soups.

-  fruit trees

- Herbs and Vegetables,

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